Renew Your Lawn on an Ongoing Basis

Ensuring the Best Treatments and Care for Your Lawn

A Hassle-Free, Transparent Lawn Maintenance Service

Employ our lawn care company to keep your outdoor space healthy and green. We're trained and experienced in lawn maintenance services. Choosing us to manage your lawn maintenance gives your lawn specialized care that other lawn care companies can't hold a candle to. While we weed-eat around your ornamental shrubs and trees, we'll ensure the best overall health for your lawn and polish the edges where the concrete meets grass. Call us for complete assistance.

Benefitting From Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance not only gives your lawn a refined look but keeps your grass greener than green. Our lawn services carry a compendium of benefits such as:

  • Promoting healthy grass growth
  • Giving your grounds a polished and manicured look
  • Boosting curb appeal
  • Preventing erosion and soil runoff
  • Saving you time

Having a lawn you can take pride in is a reward in and of itself. With a gorgeous, healthy West Virginia lawn you can marvel at, you can get back to hosting outdoor soirees and playing outside with your family. Let's not forget the curb appeal drawing much of your neighbors' attention. Turn to our lawn care company in Saint Albans to explore our lawn maintenance services. The Punkin Patch LLC keeps commercial and residential grounds in phenomenal shape through fertilization, weed control, lawn mowing and more.